Buddy & Cinnamon - The Proud Parents

This is the first-born of Cinnamon (daddy) and Buddy. They are both Cinnamon cockatiels.  Baby cockatiels grow up so fast....Almost overnight...believe me!
All of their eggs have been duds up until now. What a cutie, too, so I just HAVE to show her off.  The parents did a wonderful job of feeding Snickers.  They say first-time parents don't always do well,  but they did great, and I'm so proud of them. :)

On with the show........

April 6th
2 days old

April 8th
4 days old
Being fed by Buddy, the proud momma. Sorry I interrupted, Bud.

April 9th
5 days old
Here we see the little girl safe and warm under momma's wings.

April 10th
6 Days old

April 12th
8 days old
Toenails are beginning to take shape

April 15th (tax day!)
11 days old
Eyes are now starting to open. Look at those feathers coming
in on the wings. And that CROP....Lordie, look how big!
And I was worried that the parents weren't feeding her. HAH!

Notice the crest coming in ever so slightly? 

April 17th
13 days old
What a belly and crop! Burp!!

Crest is even bigger now in just a matter of 2 days

"Hmm...what's for dinner?"

(this bird was eating constantly, I swear, as will 
become evident in the following pictures)

April 18th
2 weeks old
"Think I'm gonna blow this joint! And a 1, and a 2....."

April 19th
15 days

Snickers went to her foster mom, Connie W, known to the bird community as MOTP (Mean Ol' Tail Plucker). These are pictures from her home. She is handfeeding and weaning the little darlin' for me.

She is torturing me (but not the baby), or else she'd have to answer to a higher authority  :).  Stop it, MOTP!!!!! LOL

April 20th
16 days
"Mommy, I'm hungry. Auntie Connie won't feed me
She says I need to learn some patience! Save me, please!
Oh, and do you like the new Mohawk look?"
"Ahhh....okay, I feel better now. My crop is nice and full. More, please!"

April 22nd
18 days
"Help me, mommy! Debbie is squeezing my little larynx"
Hungry?  Want a snack?  Have a SNICKERS!
Mommy, help!! Remy thinks I'm a candy bar!"

April 24th
20 days
"Gimme food NOW or I'm telling my REAL mommy!"
"Okay, I guess I'll just wait.
Patience, remember? Who's idea WAS that, anyway?"
"Hey, I've waited long enough, woman! FEED ME! NOWWWWWWW!"
.April 28th
24 days
"Feed me NOW!"

Pin feathers are turning into real feathers now. 
This little girl is a Cinnamon cockatiel, rather than a normal gray.

"Giddyup, horsey. Look at all those RIBBONS! Wow, I'm GOOD!"
"Connie & Debbie are really wearing me out. 
Time to settle down for a  long winter's, er Spring nap."
May 1st
27 days
"I'm almost all grown up. Is it time
to fly the coop and go back to mommy yet?"
 And Snickers DID "fly" back to me, eventually, and has been the 
sweetest little girl ever since. Sure, she has her "leave me alone" 
moments, but she loves to be cuddled and kissed. 
Thank you Auntie Connie!


"Look at my wings, mom! I'm getting to be such a big girl!!"
May 3rd
30 days
"Aren't I just sooooo pretty?"

This photo is copyrighted© by Connie W. and may not be used or 
copied without permission. Please contact The Melon Patch.

Parents Feeding Baby

I just have to include these pictures I took with my latest baby, Hershey. Hershey was born Thursday, April 15, 2004. Here are pictures of Hershey when she was just 17 days old being fed by Mommy and Daddy. As you can see, the parents aren't shy about feeding in front of me.

Here's Mommy (Buddy) doing a feeding:


Now it's Daddy turn to feed.


And here's Hershey almost all grown up (4 months). Ain't she purty?


And there you have it!  Cockatiels literally grow before your very eyes, so enjoy them and keep them from harm when they are young.  The care is definitely worth it!  :).

On a Sad Note:

"Skittles" was born on June 2, 2003.

Sad Note: Unfortunately, Skittles died on December 17, 2003 at the age of 6 months, 15 days old from a tragic accident that happened on December 10th. She was treated at the vet's for severe burns after falling into a pot of boiling water Although I scooped her out immediately, the damage was already done. Skittles spent 4 days in the hospital, and they did everything they could to save her and make her comfortable. Skittles will be sadly missed and never, ever forgotten. 

Please!  Put the birds back into their cages when cooking. I learned the hard way, even though I was right there with her.Protect your birdies and love them everyday.


Tribute to Skittles


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