That was the most beautiful photo album I have ever seen. The pictures of JFK were oh so touching.  The right kind of music to fit the occasion.  That should be for sale.  That is something I think everyone would love to have.  Including me.  I commend you for a job well done.
I really enjoyed your piece on J.F.K. Jr.  I'm going to share it with my friends.
BEAUTIFUL!!!  Thanks for sharing...
Thank you for such a beautiful display.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I  still can't believe they are gone from this earth.  God bless you. 
It was very beautifully done. Thank you...
This web page really tickled me and it made me to cry, and I feel so sorry for Caroline -- all of her family is gone..but lucky she has a husband and children. I give them so much sympathy, and I hate to see all the Kennedys die...I love those people and I admire them all.
That was totally incredible.  I really enjoyed that.
Such a lovely and touching way to honor someone.  I will save this in my "favorites".  You have truly paid a lovely tribute to such a wonderful young man and his family.
Our friend sent me the e-mail sharing about JFK JR's Photo album and we always remember his young boy in his life.  I will never forget how he stands up for his great statue to his father's funeral service that  really inspired me and my life then now he is joined with the wonderful heaven up there to join with his parent up there but they are happy to see each other like in brother and sister. Also we are looking forward to meet them up there whenever God will call us home to be with them in the air. So  we must be prepare for our life for Lord's serve as we love him as our children of God. Thank you for wonderful sharing. I will always be remember them as our prayer for Caroline especially.
Enjoyed these special memories---- Thank you!!  You did a splendid job!!
Hi. We all love you so much, and we really miss you lot.
You have done a wonderful job, getting all the information on the Kennedy Family. I appreciate what they have done for the  U.S.  They give so much  of themselves.  I read everything about them.  I especially liked the book, The Kennedys, the third generation by Barbara Gibson and Ted Schwarz, and Kennedy Women. You gave John  and Carolyn quite an emotional tribute.  Thank you so much!!! 
Dear Sir,  We are very sad of their families's death from plane crash by under the ocean, but it was so bad weather. 
My heart and soul continues to go out to this family. May we pray for them as well as the family he had nation wide. God be with us.
Words are unable to express the emotion I felt while viewing these photos... We all lost a prince and princess....  I still find myself refusing to accept it..... Our innocents, taken away once again.... Thank you for these beautiful photos presented in the most respectful way.... We all should be so respectful.. After all.... we now know that life is precious and fragile..  Thank You.
This is a beautiful and wonderful site dedicated to the memories of John F. Kennedy Jr, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Lauren Bessette.  It captures all  of the good times and probably all of the memories that the Kennedy family members hold dear to their hearts.  This site is both informative and tasteful in the appearance and structure of these lives.  Thank you for creating this site.  It is truly wonderful. Since July of  last year, we have three more special angels looking over us.
A really beautiful website, well presented with some lovely photos.
Thank you for the time and care you used to put together this memory book of the Kennedys and particularly of JFK Jr. and Carolyn.  For those of us who lived through those Camelot years and were eager for the fruits from those flowering days, these pictures are a beautiful reminder of a time of joy and intelligence, of integrity and hope the likes of which I can only pray will be one day restored for us and by us to give strength and courage and beauty again to future generations.
I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your site.  Your love for the Kennedys shines through.  Thank you so much for this wonderful and informative site
F.T., Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Well, I would just like to compliment you on a very fine picture layout. I am so glad to see such loving pictures of Caroline and John-John. They make such a beautiful couple as husband and wife. It's so good that they are remembered as a loving couple in your portfolio. The music is very satisfying as well. Great job all around. Your caring really comes through.  -- April 17, 2001/Martha C. - Age 45




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