Great Grandparents:
Honey Fitz John Francis ("Honey Fitz") Fitzgerald - 1863-1950
Tenement born, he became Boston's mayor, and sang from a tabletop at grandson Jack's Senate election
Mary Hannon Mary Josephine Hannon - 1865-1964, Dorchester, Suffolk Co 
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy - 1890-1995
Honey Fitz's favorite daughter became Queen Mother of Camelot despite sorrow both public and private. Died of complications due to pneumonia
Joseph Patrick Kennedy Joseph Patrick Kennedy - 1888-1969
Financier, rumrunner and ambassador. His fortune was huge, but not as great as his dynastic vision
John F. Kennedy John Fitzgerald Kennedy* - 1917-1963
The youngest ever elected to the presidency and the first of the Roman Catholic faith, John F. Kennedy won the election of November 1960 by a razor-thin margin, but after taking office he received the support of most Americans. A doting father, he left two children, ages five and three. John Jr. remembered him only vaguely
Jackie Kennedy Onassis Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis - 1929-1994
Twice widowed, she was John Jr.'s confidant. A second son died at two days. Jacqueline was named after her father, Jack Bouvier. His full name was John Vernou Bouvier III. He was thirty seven when Jacqueline was born, and was considered to be one of the best looking man in Long Island.
Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg - 1957-present
Law-school grad and mother, she alone is left of Camelot's family. Caroline was 3 years old when her father was elected 35th President of the United States. She attended the Brearly School in New York, Concord Academy and Radcliffe College in Massachusetts as well as Sotheby's fine arts training school in London.
Aunts & Uncles:
Joseph P Kennedy Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr.* - 1915-1944
The family's first great hope became its first modem martyr. His plane exploded on a WWII bombing run. He enlisted in the Navy during World War II, and died during a naval flight. He was known as Jack.
Rosemary Kennedy Rosemary Kennedy - September 13, 1918 January 7, 2005
She was born mildly disabled, but a lobotomy arranged by her father left her profoundly retarded
Kathleen Kennedy Cavendish Kathleen Kennedy Cavendish* - February 20, 1920 May 13, 1948
Widowed but in love, she died with her intended in a small plane
Eunice Kennedy Shriver Eunice Kennedy Shriver - July 10, 1921- August 11, 2009
A keen mind, she married Sargent Shriver and propelled the Special Olympics
Patricia Kennedy Lawford - May 6, 1924 - September 17, 2006
Her wedding to actor Peter was a spectacle requiring police barricades, but they divorced in 1966
R. Sargent Shriver* - died January 18, 2011.  Was the founding director of the Peace Corp, and was founding director of the Office of Economic Opportunity. Died in Bethesda, Md. He was 95.
Robert F Kennedy Robert Francis Kennedy*- 1925 - 1968
Idealistic, ruthless, doomed. His own family with Ethel has recapitulated the family pattern of service and loss
Jean Ann Kennedy Smith Jean Ann Kennedy Smith - February 20, 1928 - present
Husband Stephen managed R.F.K.'s campaigns, then Kennedy charities. She served as envoy to Ireland.
Edward Moore Kennedy Edward Moore Kennedy (Ted) - February 22, 1932 - August 25, 2009
His generation's great survivor. Twice-married liberal hero is father to a Congressman. Elected to the Senate on November 6, 1962 (to complete the term of President John F. Kennedy).  Re-elected to full six-year terms in 1964, 1970, 1976, 1982, 1988, and 1994 Seniority: 3rd out of 100 
Robert Shriver Robert Sargent Shriver III - April 28, 1954 - present
Currently he lives in Los Angeles where he raises money for the Special Olympics by producing films, records and TV specials. He is single and has no children. Bobby was once part-owner of the Baltimore Orioles. 
Maria Shriver Maria Owings Shriver - November 6, 1955 - present
News correspondent/reporter and anchor for Dateline NBC. She is married to Arnold Schwarzenegger, they have 4 children and live in the Los Angeles area, where they also own a restaurant.
Timothy Shriver Timothy Perry Shriver - 1959-present
Married with four children. Director of Special Olympics. He got married to Linda Potter on Memorial Day, 1986, and they have 4 children. 
Mark Shriver Mark Kennedy Shriver - 1964-present
Earned his master's in public administration from Harvard, he started the Choice Program, which provides intensive supervision and counseling to troubled adolescents in inner-city Baltimore. In 1994 he was elected to Maryland's House of Delegates. Mark is married and has one daughter.
Anthony Shriver Anthony Paul Kennedy Shriver - 1965-present
Graduated from Georgetown and started Best Buddies, an organization that pairs up mentally retarded people to see movies, shop, talk. He recently began a company that allows patient to fill prescriptions at their doctors offices.  Married to Cuban-born Alina Mojica, they met in 1991 at a Best Buddies fundraiser. They have three children including one from Alina's previous marriage. 

Christopher Lawford Christopher Kennedy Lawford - 1955-present
Has been a lawyer, substance abuse counselor (after his own battles), lecturer at Harvard and now is an actor and producer who commutes between Hollywood and New York. He married to Jeannie Olsson in 1984, they beat drugs together in 1985. They currently have three children. 
Sydney Lawford Sydney Maleia Lawford - 1956-present
Had the word "obey" taken out of her marriage vows, was named after her grandfather, General Sydney Lawford, a British World War I hero. She used to be a busy model before meeting her husband and settling down. She married television executive Peter McKelvey on Sept. 17, 1983. They currently have four sons. 
Victoria Lawford Victoria Francis Lawford - 1958-present
Lives in the Washington, D.C. area where her husband Robert Pender are attornies. They have three daughters. 
Robin Lawford Robin Elizabeth Lawford - 1961-present
Robin Lawford is single and lives in Manhattan but spends most of her time in the field as a wildlife conservationist. She is also a volunteer fund-raiser for the Kennedy Child Study Center, a New York City school for the developmentally disabled. 

Kathleen Kennedy Kathleen Hartington Kennedy - 1951-present
Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, she works tirelessly for education reform, community service and crime prevention programs. RFK's oldest daughter, Kathleen was the first Kennedy women to hold a elective office. Married to David Townsend and has 4 daughters. 
Joseph Kennedy II Joseph Patrick Kennedy II - 1952-present
Elected to Congress in 1986; eldest son of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy; born on September 24, 1952 in Brighton, Massachusetts where he currently resides with his second wife, Beth Kelly Kennedy. He is the father of twin boys from a previous marriage to Sheila Rauch of whom he annulled the marriage.
RFK Jr Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. - 1954-present
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has spent the past thirteen years of his life as an environmental advocate. Bobby currently lives in a suburb of New York with his second wife Mary, they have 3 children. He also has 2 children with his first wife Emily. 
David Kennedy David Anthony Kennedy*- 1955-1984
David was a happy-go-lucky adolescent until the night of June 5,1968 when he saw the assassination of his father while watching the primary coverage on a hotel room television set.  Died of a drug overdose in a Palm Beach, Fla., hotel
Courtney Kenney Mary Courtney Kennedy - 1956-present
Courtney is formerly a representative for a United Nations AIDS foundation, she is currently staying home with her daughter. Her husband Paul Hill works with the humanitarian group Operation USA in its efforts to eliminate land mines.
Michael Kennedy Michael LeMoyne Kennedy* - 1958-1997
Michael took over for his brother Joe, Citizen's Energy Corp. which provides affordable heating fuel to the poor. Michael also fought against gun violence along with many other causes. Michael died in a skiing accident in Aspen while playing football. He leaves 3 children.
Mary Kennedy Mary Kerry Kennedy - 1959-present
Kerry Kennedy Cuomo has been working in the field of international human rights since 1981. Currently working as a radio correspondent interviewing human rights leaders for Voice of America, Ms. Kennedy Cuomo has lectured about human rights throughout the United States.
Chris Kennedy Christopher George Kennedy - 1963-present
Chris lives with wife Sheila and their 3 children in Chicago. Chris manages the Merchandise Mart, the formerly owned Kennedy-family design and wholesale trade center in Chicago. It was sold in January 1998 for a whopping $625 million which I heard was distributed to family members especially those who do volunteer work for a living. 
Matthew Kennedy Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy - 1965-present
Max began his law career in July 1992 by serving for 3 years as an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia. He also worked for a while at his brother's Citizens Energy Corporation. 
Douglas Kennedy Douglas Harriman Kennedy - 1967-present
Doug is RFK's youngest son, he is a Manhattan-based on-air reporter for the Fox News Channel. Doug married Molly Stark in August 1998, she is a Special Education teacher. On on August 27, 1999 Riley Elizabeth was born. 
Rory Kennedy Rory Elizabeth Katherine Kennedy - 1968-present
Rory was born 6 months after her father's assassination.
She lives in New York in the Tribeca area, and is a award winning documentary filmmaker and social activist. Rory wed Mark Bailey on August 2, 1999 after dating over 4 years. Mark Bailey is a writer and editor of books and film. 

Stephen Smith Jr Stephen Edward Smith Jr. - 1957-present
Assistant District Attorney in Bronx, N.Y., a political-ethics instructor at Harvard, and a producer of documentary films. He currently is single and works for the Conflict Management Group, which teaches the art of negotiation. 
William Kennedy Smith William Kennedy Smith - 1960-present
Acquitted of rape in 1991. He completed his residency at Northwestern University and worked on a relief mission in Somalia. William is single and is a doctor in Chicago where he specializes in rehabilitative medicine, with an emphasis on amputee care. 
Amanda Smith Amanda Mary Smith - 1967-present
Was adopted very young. She is a doctor, and earned her PhD at Harvard in Special Education. She is single and lives in Boston. She is currently writing a book about Joe Sr. 
Kym Smith Kym Maria Smith - 1972-present
Born in Vietnam; was still a toddler when she was adopted at the end of the Vietnam war. She was actually one of the last children air-lifted out of Vietnam. In 1995 she married Alfie Tucker, and for a time lived in Ireland.

Kara Kennedy Kara Anne Kennedy - February 27, 1960 - present
Ted's eldest daughter, Kara has worked in television news and as a director of video production for her aunt Jean's "Very Special Arts", a program that helps disabled people express themselves through the arts. Kara is married to architect Michael Allen, they have two young children.
Edward Kennedy Jr Edward Moore Kennedy Jr. - September 26, 1961 - present
Ted, Jr. runs a nonprofit organization in New Haven that provides transitional housing, as well as medical and social services. In 1997 he finished law school which he attended at night, and works at a law firm where he'll specialize in disability law. Ted is married to Katherine (Kiki); they have a young daughter Kiley.
P J Kennedy Patrick Joseph Kennedy - July 14, 1967 - present
Ted's son, Patrick, is currently congressman of Rhode Island
and was the youngest Kennedy, at 21, to hold a public office. 
Patrick is single, but reportedly has a girlfriend.
John & Carolyn Bessette Kennedy
JFK Jr John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.* - 1960-1999
Not obviously a political heir; simply a man at ease with his extraordinary place in the world.
Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Carolyn Bessette Kennedy* - 1966-1999
Her elegance recalled Jackie's, and she and her husband seemed embarked on a wonderful life.

* Indicates family members who have died under tragic circumstances

Joseph P. Kennedy, center, and his family pose while he was the ambassador to Britain.
From left, Eunice, John F., Rosemary, Jean, Edward, wife Rose,
Joseph Jr., Patricia, Robert F. and Kathleen.

A = Rosemary Kennedy B = Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. C = Kathleen Kennedy
D = John F. Kennedy E = Robert F. Kennedy F = Edward Kennedy



In Memory of John F. Kennedy, Jr.
We miss you John-John!


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