Ted Kennedy's Eulogy
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Sen. Edward Kennedy, center, is accompanied by his sons
as an unidentified victim's casket is loaded into a vehicle.

Clergy in the procession to the altar of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral.
Police said 1,000 people crowded into seats designed for 700

July 22:  Mourners line up outside St. Patrick's Old Cathedral
in New York before the public memorial service

July 23, 1999: Ethel Kennedy arrives at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in New York
to attend the memorial service for JFK Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

July 23, 1999: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife, Mary Richardson, arrive
at the memorial service for JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

July 23, 1999: Ted Kennedy embraces family members.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and her daughter Tatiana leave
St. Thomas More Catholic Church after attending the memorial
service for her brother and his wife

July 18, 1999: A drawing is taped to the wall next to the
door of the Kennedys' loft building in New York City

July 22, 1999: A woman holds a magazine and a communion wafer outside of
Old St. Patrick's Cathedral during a memorial Mass for
Kennedy,  Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Lauren Bessette

July 18, 1999:  A friend of the Kennedy family and her son drop a handful of lilacs into the ocean

July 22, 1999:  Since JFK Jr., Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Lauren Bessette lost
their lives in a single-engine plane crash, there has been an outpouring of emotion

Left:  A mourner outside Old Pat's in Little Italy.

Right:  Sargent Shriver, JFK Jr.'s uncle, walks in a procession after the memorial Mass.
Said the former U.S. Ambassador to France later: "One can never be absolutely prepared,
but the Kennedys have always shown great courage and bravery."

July 18, 1999: Candles are lit following Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral

July 17, 1999: A bouquet of flowers marked 'Praying for John Jr.' is
left next to the grave site of his father at Arlington National Cemetery

July 20, 1999: A child mimics the statue of a three-year-old John F. Kennedy Jr.,
placed among flowers, at a makeshift memorial outside Kennedy's New York home

July 18, 1999: The 'Chicago Sun-Times' extra edition rolls off the presses Saturday


July 21, 1999:  Photographs of John Kennedy Jr. and his wife
Carolyn Bessette Kennedy at a makeshift shrine outside the couple's apartment


July 18, 1999: A Hyannis, Mass., woman ties a yellow ribbon
to a pole outside the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport

July 18, 1999: Pope John Paul II said a prayer for the missing family members

July 18, 1999: Rory Kennedy, whose wedding the missing were traveling to,
grieves outside of her mother Ethel's house in Hyannis Port

July 18, 1999: A U.S. Coast Guard boat searches the waters off
Aquinnah, Mass., on the west end of Martha's Vineyard

July 22, 1999: A couple clasp hands and hold a rosary while on their
way into the public memorial service at Old St. Patrick's Cathedral

Left:   Family members stand  near the stern of the Coast Guard ship Sanibel
as it heads toward the Navy destroyer USS Briscoe for the morning ceremony.

Right: Family members embrace at the stern of the
Coast Guard ship Sanibel before boarding the Briscoe.

Left:   Onlookers at Philbin Beach gaze out to the ship where the
Kennedys and Bessettes gathered to cast the ashes to sea.

Left: Shannon Rynd-Ray of West Tisbury, Mass., places a note on
a makeshift memorial in Squibnocket, on Martha's Vineyard.

Right: Nadine Monaco and her nephew Devon Lodge look out to sea
from Martha's Vineyard, where family members released the
ashes of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and sister-in-law.

Left:  The Tarumi Violin Children's Ensemble  traveled from Queens to play for those gathered at
St. Patrick's Old Cathedral.  Mourners clogged the streets of Little Italy, SoHo and Chinatown.

Right:  Pipers play as they leave St. Patrick's Old Cathedral after the public memorial mass
for the Kennedys and Lauren Bessette. Many people wept to the lyrics of "Danny Boy"



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